Makey Makey Demonstration on Ketnet

Ketnet was looking for somebody to showcase the Makey Makey board on the Boeva & the games show. They reached out to me while I was on holiday during the summer, and of course I told them “yes!“. The recordings were the day after I returned home from a 2 week holiday in California, so I was a little…

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Phaser and Arduino game for Ketnet

I had the pleasure to work on another fun project for Ketnet. They’re launching a tv show around gaming, with famous comedian William Boeva as it’s host. During the show, they wanted kids to play a simple game against Boeva. The kids would play using a giant controller, and have to collaborate…

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Building Bridges at FITC Amsterdam 2016

After my work on the Kinect2 library for nodejs and electron, I started working on a new conference presentation, which I gave at FITC Amsterdam earlier this month. This time, I focussed on building bridges between platforms, covering early experiments with Flash, up to C++ and Nodejs native code…

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Kinect game for live television

That’s a first: my code being used on live tv! A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Joachim from Ketnet. They were building a new studio for their kid’s shows, and were looking for an interactive Kinect experience. I did some experiments with Kinect and Flash in the past. But as Flash is kind…

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Interactive Light Sculptures

A couple of weeks back, my Happy-Banana partner in crime Koen and I were approached by artist Tom Dekyvere for an interactive sculpture project. He wanted to put interactive artworks at the Catch festival in Utrecht and was looking for a partner to help build the electronics. The sculptures needed…

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