Javascript workout at Reasons to be Creative 2014

After last year’s elevator pitch I was invited back to gave a full talk this year. I wanted to elaborate on javascript and hardware interaction, while linking everything to a general theme. I went for “physical workouts”, and built some demos that had to do with that. During my talk, I covered…

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500 people controlled my Arduino at Reasons to be Creative 2013

Just got back from the ever brilliant Reasons to be Creative conference in Brighton. I participated in this year’s elevator pitch (20 back to back 3-minute presentations!), had a ton of stress (and fun) presenting on the main stage! I wanted to share some of the work I’ve been doing with javascript…

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AIR Native extension for simple speech recognition on OSX

Today I played around a bit with speech recognition on OSX. One of the things I did, was create a simple bridge between Adobe AIR and the NSSpeechRecognizer API on OSX. This api allows you to set a predefined list of commands, and listen for those spoken commands. The API is quite simple, and so is…

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OpenCV AIR Native Extension

In preparation of my FITC session last month, I wrote a native extension to integrate OpenCV in your AIR applications. What it does is use OpenCV in a multithreaded extension, to execute HAAR cascades against a bitmap you provide from ActionScript. This bitmap could be a snapshot of your webcam…

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FITC Amsterdam – slides & demo videos of opencv & finger tracking air native extensions

Just got back of the FITC Amsterdam conference, and it’s been awesome! I gave a kinect workshop on sunday, together with my Happy Banana & HOWEST colleague Koen De Weggheleire. Apart from a longer-than-expected installation process of the kinect drivers on mac, we had a great time showing the…

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