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CakeSWXPHP – updated to SWX 2.0 beta 1

The first beta of the new version of SWX was released yesterday. This new version brings AS3 and Flash Player 10 support. I decided to update CakeSWXPHP, to support this new version of SWX. You can download a new version, from my CakeSWXPHP page.

Image search service

I had to search for (stock) images today, to include in a presentation. I found myself tabbing through different search engines all the time, so I decided to write an amf/swx service which has methods to search SXC, MorgueFile, Google Image search and Flickr. This way, I can write a flash frontend…

benchmarking cakeswx/amfphp

Cakeswxphp enables you to use the cakphp rapid application framework as your remoting backend. No longer writing complex sqls, escaping query strings,… As some of you have noticed, cake does slow your remoting down a bit, as more classes are loaded to give you this ease-of-use. I did some benchmarks…

cakeswxphp: simpler and on cake 1.2

After some user input, I updated the cakeswxphp packages. I also started a branch which supports cakephp 1.2. There is a change in the gateway locations: you no longer connect to cake_swx_gateway.php or cake_amf_gateway.php, but to swx.php and amf.php (default locations in swx). This should make it…

CakeSWXPHP updated to SWX version 1.01

Aral Balkan released SWX version 1.0 a few weeks ago. I finally found the time to incorporate the changes into CakeSWXPHP! The changes include the swxAssembler class (instead of the old swfCompiler) and the rebranded service explorer. Go to the cakeswxphp page for the latest downloads!

CakeSWXPHP updated to SWX beta 1.3

I took some time updating my cakeswxphp package to the SWX beta 1.3. One of the new features is the new service explorer from SWX. You can test your cake gateway, pointing your browser to the /explorer/ directory, gateway location being: cake_amf_gateway.php Go to the cakeswxphp page for the latest…

call cakephp through swx / amf

As some of you might know, I’m a great fan of the cakephp framework. It is a rapid application framework for php. Cakephp already had a subproject called cakeamfphp. Looking at the code from cakeamfphp, I was able to get SWX running and call the cake controllers as remoting services. Go to the…

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