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Building a laptop-driven 8-screen installation

To present work of this year’s Devine graduates, we wanted to do something more. After a brainstorming session, we ended up with presenting their work on an 8-screen setup. We want to use these 8 screens in a dynamic way: sometimes they’ll form one big viewport on an image or video, in other…

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Azure Kinect Library for Node and Electron

A couple of weeks ago, my Kinect for Azure arrived (thank you Lisa Jamhoury to shipping me one!). And: oh my god, it is so tiny, compared to the Kinect 2! The size does seem to come with a prize: you need a beefy computer + GPU in order to get decent skeletron tracking performance. The reason behind…

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Quick Hack, Timing an Air Pump with Arduino

Yesterday morning I saw a call for help by Maud Vanhauwaert, Antwerp’s city poet. For a new city poem / installation she was looking for a solution to time inflation and deflation of big letters, spelling the word “Macht” (which translates to “Power” in English). On the shelf timers didn’t work for…

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Migrate Google Drive Content to Team Drive

Moving content from a Google Drive to a Team Drive can be a slow, manual process. Using the standard Google tools, it isn’t possible to move Google Suite files with the file stream app. Uing the web interface, it isn’t possible to move folders as a whole. This means you’re stuck doing a lot of…

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Detecting and Killing Processes in Node or Electron

When building a Kiosk application, you might want to check which processes are running on the system. This way you can try killing unauthorized processes or show a warning when an unauthorized process is launched. The nodejs xps package library offers a cross-platform to do most of the work. To make…

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