Playing videos from YouTube

Just finished a little experiment to load flv’s from YouTube into your own swf files…

Every YouTube video has a unique id. You can find this id, using the public YouTube API. However, you’ll need more than this simple id to play the video’s in your own flash/flex/… application.

If you take a closer look to the source code on a YouTube page, playing a video, you will find something like this in the source code:

// <![CDATA[
var fo = new SWFObject("/player2.swf?video_id=lejN7Ulh10s&l=149&t=OEgsToPDskIn_fJRn5UCNu_UAHkEu6jJ", "movie_player", "450", "370", 7, "#FFFFFF");
// ]]>

You can see it adds some more variables after the video_id parameter. These parameters are needed to retrieve the flv itself. What you could do in flash, is retrieve the html source of a video with the given video_id, so a search in the retrieved source and retrieve the full video id. If you have a video object on the stage, you could then play the video using this object:

import mx.utils.Delegate;
function loadYoutubeVideo(id:String):Void{
    this.youtube_flv._visible = false;
    var test_xml:XML = new XML();
    test_xml.onData = Delegate.create(this, youtubeHtmlData);
function youtubeHtmlData(src:String):Void{
    var args:String = src.substr(src.indexOf('video_id=') + 9);
    args = args.substr(, args.indexOf("'"));""+args);
function statusChanged(infoObject:Object):Void{
    if(infoObject.code == "NetStream.Buffer.Empty"){
function scaleToVideoDimensions():Void{
    this.youtube_flv._width = this.youtube_flv.width;
    this.youtube_flv._height = this.youtube_flv.height;
    this.youtube_flv._visible = true;
Stage.align = "TL";
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale"; = new NetConnection();;
this.ns = new NetStream(;
this.ns.onStatus = Delegate.create(this, statusChanged);
this.ns.onMetaData = Delegate.create(this, metaDataRecieved);

You can download the working fla source here.

I had to use the NetStream object on a video object on stage, for some reason I couldn’t get this to work with the default FLVPlayback component… Also, the width and height of the movie aren’t specified in the flv metadata from youtube, so I retrieved those values another way (onStatus event, when Buffer is empty) If you run it outside of the authoring environment, you will also get a security sandbox warning… Maybe somebody knows a workaround for this in this application?

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