I switched!

For the first time in my life, I bought a mac. And I love it! Unpacked my brand new 17″ MacBook Pro, plugged it in et voila, it worked! The few things I needed to configure (hook it up to my wireless) were done in no time.

But where the hell is the backslash on my keyboard (Belgium Dutch)? Googling taught me that there is a small thingy built in OSX (keyboard view) and now I know what keys to use to escape certain characters in php :)

OSX doesn’t only look great, but it also does the job: enable the user to do the stuff he wants to do in a most elegant way. I got to know a few new apps (garageband: awesome!) and installing some of my old apps (eclipse & plugins for php/actionscript development). Just saw that Flex Builder for mac is still in beta, hopefully there will be a full release soon.

Anyway, I’m glad I switched, if only I did it earlier…

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