call cakephp through swx / amf

As some of you might know, I’m a great fan of the cakephp framework. It is a rapid application framework for php. Cakephp already had a subproject called cakeamfphp. Looking at the code from cakeamfphp, I was able to get SWX running and call the cake controllers as remoting services.

Go to the cakeswxphp page for the latest downloads…

Just copy/past in your cake directory! Gateway locations are:

swx.php (SWX)
amf.php (AMFPHP)
json.php (JSON)

Currently it uses an adjusted version of SWX, based on SWX beta 1.0. I will try to update it to future versions of SWX when I get the time…

More info about SWX and cakephp at: (Aral Balkan, SWX author)


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