hacking the ipod Touch firmware 1.1.2

I just love it. My new ipod Touch. I bought one last week, and I didn’t regret it for a second. The navigation and animations are so intuitive, Apple is really pushing the boundaries a little further again :-)

However, running 3rd pary apps on the touch isn’t that simple. I tried hacking it yesterday, but ran a hack for the earliers 1.1.1 firmware, which didn’t succeed and included copying DMG files and doing SSH and SFTP. Today, I resetted the firmware and tried another hack, WITH succes. I won’t repeat the proces over here, but check it out at Koos Kaspers. I’m already running the iPhone apps, and some 3rd party ones like Apollo (IM client), NES emulator and iSplit. Any other good apps you know of?

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