Flex Flowcharts

Last saturday I went to the Adobe Usergroup meeting in Gent (Belgium). It featured the Adobe Prerelease tour, Christophe’s presentation about Prana and, last but not least a presentation about lovely charts. Loverly Charts is an application to created flowcharts and diagrams online. This reminded me of a project I’ve been working on now and then the last 3 years. It doesn’t have a title / name yet, but it is a flowcharting application aswell.

You can created flowcharts, which are stored in a database. The flowcharts have metadata, like the perspon who is responsable for that chart, name, description, etc… Each step in a flowchart has metadata aswell. Charts can be linked to eachother, so you can describe a main proces which links to sub-processes aswell.

I’ve put a little demo online at: http://labs.aboutme.be/charts/


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