FITC Amsterdam – slides & demo videos of opencv & finger tracking air native extensions

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Just got back of the FITC Amsterdam conference, and it’s been awesome! I gave a kinect workshop on sunday, together with my Happy Banana & HOWEST colleague Koen De Weggheleire. Apart from a longer-than-expected installation process of the kinect drivers on mac, we had a great time showing the attendees how they can use the AIRKinect native extension to use the kinect inside their AIR applications.

You can read some of the attendees their impressions on their blogs:
http://www.aloft.nl/2012/02/hack-slash-play-with-kinect-at-fitc-amsterdam-2012/ http://thomasantonbinder.com/fitc-2012-day-1-workshop-kinect

On tuesday, I gave a presention on AIR native extensions. I had a 90-minute timeslot, and was a bit afraid how I would balance the talk. So, the first half of the talk, I talked about programming & packaging native extensions, and showed some extensions I created.

I was happy, I could get opencv working as an air native extension, and showed a quick demo of executing HAAR cascades through OpenCV in an AIR native extension:

The second half of the talk, was about the new version of AIRKinect we’ll be releasing shortly. I did some quick live-code-demos, showing how we created the api, especially for Actionscript 3.0. Next to the features we’re bringing in AIRKinect 2, I could show how you can combine the kinect drivers & opencv in an AIR native extension, to do finger tracking for your AIR application :-)

I had a great time at FITC, and would like to thank Shawn & the FITC crew to give me the opportunity to present at the conference! We were asked to create a “thank you” video, which was shown at the end of the conference. Check out the making-of-blooper-version Koen and I made :-)