Phaser and Arduino game for Ketnet

hero image

I had the pleasure to work on another fun project for Ketnet. They’re launching a tv show around gaming, with famous comedian William Boeva as it’s host. During the show, they wanted kids to play a simple game against Boeva. The kids would play using a giant controller, and have to collaborate, while Boeva is playing against them using a regular game controller.

The giant controller was built by the decor people at Ketnet.

prototype giant controller

To keep things as simple as possible, I went for an Arduino micro, which is a compact Arduino board, capable of emulating a keyboard. This way I don’t have to deal with setting up complicated communication flows using sockets or native code: I can simply listen for keyboard events in the frontend code!

arduino micro board

I build the game itself using PhaserJS, which has proven itself worthy of running on live television in a previous project.

The graphics were made in-house at Ketnet by Sam Pauwels.

screenshot game

It was fun seeing it all come together again on the big screen! Oh, and as it was built using web technologies, you can also play it online!