Makey Makey Demonstration on Ketnet

Ketnet was looking for somebody to showcase the Makey Makey board on the Boeva & the games show. They reached out to me while I was on holiday during the summer, and of course I told them “yes!“. The recordings were the day after I returned home from a 2 week holiday in California, so I was a little big jetlagged ;-)

During the 4 minute segment, I explained the possibilities of this neat little board: controlling a racing game using bananas, wrapping yourself in aluminum foil to play flappy bird or licking a bowl of water to play geometry dash. You can watch the segment below:

Apart from the jetlag, I had a ton of fun spending the afternoon in the tv studio. It was fun watching the kids play the game I made for the show and seeing their enthousiastic responses to the Makey Makey games!

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